Blueskies Consulting is completely independent of all hardware manufacturers, dealers and distributors.

1. We do not sell or service new or used equipment or consumables.
2. We do not receive “any money or products” from Printer/Copier/MFD/Fax manufacturers or their dealers.
3. We do not make product endorsements

With Blueskies Consulting you are assured that our recommendations are never compromised. With our service you obtain better contract protections and dramatically lower print costs. We make it possible for your internal staff to focus on core activities and receive the latest technology available.

Our Five Step Approach:

1.    We define all aspects of your current print environment to establish a baseline: Inventory, usage, costs, print hosts, networks, protocols, applications, etc. In addition, we identify the unique business requirements of the various departments to provide technology recommendations that effectively address those requirements. We develop a print strategy that will improve the control and on-going management of print, copy fax, scan, plot, multi-functional, central reprographics and 3rd party printing. Our assessment also identifies infrastructure cost reduction opportunities. Further, we identify opportunities to improve print environment efficiencies and end user satisfaction and provide specific recommendations to resolve known issues.

2.    We then work with you to create a custom RFP/RFQ based on industry best practices, the target model state we have established, and include any other of your organization’s objectives. If required, we help to send the RFP/RFQ directly to all the appropriate suppliers. As well, we provide assistance to evaluate all proposals received and make recommendations for further negotiations.

3.    We develop a custom test plan based upon your print environment for proof of concept to be used prior to contract award.

4.    We review the contract that is based on the original RFP/RFQ, the supplier’s proposal and resultant negotiations.

5.    If required, we work on your behalf with the supplier’s sales & service teams during the implementation term of the contract.

The end result of our implementing a print assessment on your behalf is that you receive better contract protections and dramatically lower digital copier and printer costs. We bring you buying power that cannot be achieved solely with internal resources and your internal staff is able to focus on core activities while receiving the latest technology.

Why your organization should consider a Print Assessment

40% Fewer IT help desk calls
25% Lower consumables costs
23% Average overall savings
20% Cost reduction in unscheduled maintenance
10% Cost reduction in installation and upgrades
5% Lower acquisition costs

Source: IDC Managed Print Services – IDC is a global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets.