Municipal, Provincial and Federal agencies are all under pressure to deliver faster ROI for IT expenditures. And while staff struggle to provide broader-ranging yet cost-effective services, citizens continue to demand more from their tax dollars. Citizens are now demanding the best services at breakneck speeds.

Blueskies helps you improve service in every department (police, fire, sanitation, finance, human resources, etc.) demonstrating to citizens increased value from tax revenues.

  • Simplify human resources management, use workflow to automate the hiring process while ensuring private information is secure.
  • Easily connect applications, link ERP systems, human resources applications, financial management systems and GIS applications.
  • Accelerate finance processes, shortening collection times.
  • Deliver online services, reducing costly face-to-face interaction while increasing access to citizens.
  • Link digitized paper archives with your case management system for better customer service and faster clearance rates in the courts.
  • Improve public safety by improving information accessibility for fireman and police officers.


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The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a provincial Crown corporation established in 1973 to provide universal auto insurance to BC motorists. In addition, the Corporation is responsible for driver licensing, vehicle registration and licensing and commercial vehicle compliance. ICBC serves more than 2.6 million policyholders, and handles more than one million claims and 900,000 driver license transactions each year.

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Services Provided

Document Management Software Migration – Data Conversion, Filing Hierarchy Structure (File Plan), Custom Reports, Remote Administrator Training.

Training Materials – System Administrator Guide, Library Administrator Guide, User Guide