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Paper remains an issue for businesses of all sizes. Where you have identified a place to eliminate paper, this is the opportunity to go beyond and improve the process. We help you improve print environment efficiencies and end user satisfaction by moving you away from highly manual document processes.

Document Management

Document Management eliminates most of the costs associated with paper documents and manual processes. We have over 20 years experience in electronic document management technologies and are Vendor Independent. We can help you make informed decisions about your existing or considered Electronic Document Management Systems.


We focus on making people’s work easier. Even processes that appear ad-hoc at first can often be optimized with technology assists that you may not know exist (why would you – thats not your job). We track all the new trends and identify the opportunities for you to Innovate

  • eg. Increased Mobile Workforce, Online Customer Interactions, Shift from paper to electronic formats, Increased Regulatory environments, etc.


If you are looking for a partner that has done this before, we offer these services.

Implementation Planning and Management

  • customized implementation planning and scheduling
  • project charter, site plan, status reports, post install review
  • on-site startup support
  • migration schedule for existing applications development and documentation of operational procedures

Application Development

  • application design specifications and schedule
  • on-site assistance with integrating applications
  • application troubleshooting and assistance
  • additional/updated documentation on problem resolution


If you are not sure what you need to do, or how, we can assist in defining the solution.

Requirements Analysis

  • Custom report on a specific document related business issue with actual deliverable defined by yourself and Blueskies, ranging from recommended next steps, process redesign recommendations, or solution recommendations to resolve issues.


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Keith Corbett

Managing Consultant

Over 25 years experience in Information Systems and Document Technology Consulting in Western Canada. His formal education is a Communication Electrician Degree and is supplemented by significant Training/Certifications from vendors including IBM, Xerox, EMC, SCO, Novell, and Microsoft. His Consulting, Project Management and Implementation services have been in the areas of Electronic Document Management Systems, Report Distribution Systems, Document Automation Systems, Forms Automation Software, Intranet Document Servers and Cloud Solutions.


Keith demonstrates superior skills in the production print world. Exceptional ability to transfer his knowledge to our team. Very professional, timely and accurate.

Ray Konescni Director Customer Support Services/University of Regina


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